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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Create a great workplace by satisfying the senses!

Spruce up your office atmosphere with Sejuiced's top ten tips on creating a great place to work...
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Make your Workplace Totally Sensational!

Have you ever felt that your office environment is a bit sterile and soulless?

How we feel at work can affect our performance as much as what we know. By forgetting about our senses, employers are missing out on powerful drivers of enjoyment, motivation, creativity, mood and energy…it’s common sense!

In our presentation, we provide strategies and ideas for reconnecting with our senses to help create a happy, healthy and more productive workplace. From the use of calming colour schemes to the invigorating fragrances of cinnamon and peppermint, there are plenty of cool yet cost-effective tactics you can use to harness the senses to your advantage!

>> Get your teeth into Sejuiced's presentation on "Creating a Sensational Workplace Through the Senses!"

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Instant success with the senses!

When we appeal to a person's senses we are tapping into their unconscious reactions and instincts. It is well known that smell can evoke memories almost instantaneously and that colour can influence emotions. Researchers at MIT have proven that touch affects the decision making process. All these different elements can be combined to form an extra sensory experience that appeals to your audience. Through subtle use of comfortable seating, colour and scent, you can create an experience of your brand that immerses your audience.

In the chapter 'Fighting the Battle, How to make the Case for the New Marketing Paradigm' from the book ‘The Role of the Senses in Our Era’ it states:

'We unconsciously gather information about our surroundings through our senses. They paint a picture of our surroundings for us and guide us in our decision-making processes...Consumers process sensory information instantaneously, giving sensory marketing an immediacy that’s lacking in methods that treat consumers as purely rational beings.'

So to gain an instant response from your target audience, remember to engage all their senses - both conscious and subconscious!

Read the chapter for more sensory marketing info...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The taste of the colour yellow is advertising gold!

Yellow Pages took their colourful name and turned in into a sensory sensation when they launched their search to find the taste of the colour yellow. The New Zealand based ad campaign was fronted by 28 year old New Zealander Josh Winger who had auditioned for the chance to design, market and distribute the yellow flavoured chocolate bars. Josh’s only source of help to complete his challenge was his trusty Yellow Pages! It turns out the taste of the colour yellow is pineapple & custard and to think I thought it was cheese!

The impressive campaign won a Gold Titanium/Integrated award, a Gold Media Lion, and a Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010! Have a look at the video...the Sejuiced team was impressed by how tasty yellow chocolate looks. Maybe we’ll try a pineapple & custard milkshake at our next event!

Monday, 15 November 2010

All the flavours of the rainbow – make your brand taste as good as it looks!

SIRC (Social Issues Report Centre) has a very interesting report about our sense of smell. Not only does it explain the positive effect that smell has on mood and emotion, it goes on to say how using a blend of the senses works wonders! Researchers found that a cherry fragrance had a more positive effect when it was also supported by a visual element:

“The scent of cherries, for example, was accurately identified more often when presented along with the colour red – and subjects’ ability to identify the scent significantly enhanced their rating of its pleasantness.”

So why not incorporate your brand’s colour scheme and scent into your next exhibition stand? Associating appealing smells and tastes with your company will heighten your target audience’s enjoyment of your brand